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Under the leadership of Rav Dovid Fordsham Shlita, Beis Medrash of Lawrence has experienced phenomenal growth and we are now in desperate need of a home of our own. This campaign will provide the final funds necessary to renovate and beautify our new Shul.


שבת פרשת בשלח

Shabbos ZmanimWeekday Tefilah Zmanim
Candle Lighting4:33 PMSunday
Mincha4:43 PMShacharis8:45 AM
Shkiah4:51 PMMincha/Maariv4:40 PM
Reminder to Repeat Krias Sh’maMonday-Tuesday
Shabbos DayShacharis7:15 AM
Maariv8:40 PM
Shacharis9:00 AMWednesday
Sof Zman Krias Shma8:57/9:40Shacharis7:15 AM
No Maariv in Shul
Siyum after daveningJosh EisenbergerThursday
NO Shacharis in Shul
Daf Yomi3:48 PMNO Maariv in shul
Mincha followed by Shalosh Seudos and Minchas Chinuch Shiur4:23 PMFriday
NO Shacharis in Shul
The Shlomo Fishel ben Ahron Weekday Learning Programs
Shkiah4:52 PMChassidus with Rav Ephrati “Everyday Avodah: Expanding our Consciousness”Sunday after Shacharis. Breakfast will be served
Maariv5:37 PM
Shabbos Ends5:43 PMKinyan MesechtaMon & Tuesday 8:55 PM
RT6:05 PMSmichas ChaverMonday 9:30 PM
Avos U’banim6:15-7:00No Bas Mitzvah Program this week
Girls Program in Shul7:15-8:15No Mishmar this week
NO Parshas Ha’Shavua Shiur


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Keren Hashviis

This Shabbos the shul is privileged to host the Keren Hashviis Organization, we wil be hearing from one of their farmers to hear more about

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