שבת פרשת חקת

שבת פרשת חקת

Shabbos Zmanim
Candle Lighting 8:09 PM
Mincha 7:20 PM
Plag Hamincha 6:54/7:51
Shkiah 8:27 PM
Reminder to Repeat Krias Sh’ma
Shabbos Day
Orchos Yosher Shiur 8:55
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Sof Zman Krias Shma Please say before the zman 8:23/9:16
No Chabura
Daf Yomi Kesuvos 3 6:20 PM
Perkei Avos Shiur by R’ Ari Bergmann 7:00 PM in the Ezras Nashim Upstairs
Mincha followed by Shalosh Seudos 7:59 PM
Shkiah 8:27 PM
Maariv 9:12 PM
Shabbos Ends 9:18 PM
RT 9:40 PM

Weekday Tefilah Zmanim
Shacharis 8:45 AM
Mincha/Maariv 8:13 PM
Monday Thursday
Shacharis 7:15
Mincha/Maariv 8:13 PM
Shacharis 7:15 AM
The Shlomo Fishel ben Ahron Weekday Learning Programs
Daf Yomi Sun after Shacharis, Mon – Fri 35 min before Shacharis
Smichas Chaver 8:50 PM Monday


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